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Orbis to host symposium exploring eye care for refugees at ESCRS

International eye care charity Orbis will be running a symposium discussing the critical topic of ‘Eye Care for Refugees’ on Monday 16th at 13:00, room West 7 at ESCRS in Paris. Dr Nathalie Weil and Dr Soroosh Behshad from Emory Eye Centre will be exploring the subject and the event will be chaired by Orbis UK trustee, Mr Robert Walters.

Haag-Streit UK announces the launch of the LENSTAR Myopia in the UK

HS-UK is pleased to announce the launch of the LENSTAR Myopia in the UK.

The miracle of multi-professional working in modern-day eyecare

"It’s a Tuesday morning, and I’m in the presence of one of the most mind-boggling accomplishments in human history. This thing is so astounding in its complexity and scope, it makes the Panama Canal look like a third grader’s craft...

VISION 2020 LINKS Programme and DR-NET World Sight Day Workshop

World Sight Day (WSD) was celebrated globally on 8 October 2020 [1]. From Australia and the Pacific to the Americas, via Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, awareness-raising and advocacy activities took place throughout the day, to focus attention on unnecessary...

BHVI Launches Myopia Awareness Week 2023

BHVI, an Australian not-for-profit organisation with an international focus on vision research, has announced today the launch of Myopia Awareness Week for 2023 – a global initiative relaunched in 2021, to bring attention to the growing epidemic of myopia in children across the world.

Optos announces new ultra-widefield colour image modality, providing additional retinal visualisation to eyecare professionals

Optos, Plc, the leading retinal imaging company, announces it is expanding the optomap® ultra-widefield (UWF™) retinal imaging modalities available with the California FA device to further assist eyecare professionals in disease management and treatment planning.

Acute management of retrobulbar haemorrhage

The authors discuss the importance of rapid diagnosis and correct management of acute RBH presentation to avoid the risk of permanent blindness. Retrobulbar haemorrhage (RBH) is an ocular emergency that occurs due to arterial bleeding in the orbital cavity behind...

Corza Medical climbs Snowdon to support Orbis UK

On Saturday 17th June a team of Corza Medical employees from their Solihull HQ are going to be climbing Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Snowdonia (Wales).

Researchers pursue personalised pathways for glaucoma care

Researchers, funded by Glaucoma UK in partnership with The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, are investigating the potential for personalised glaucoma care by mapping clinical trial data and real-word outcomes to individuals.

Midland Eye performs its first Presserflo Microshunt to treat Glaucoma

Eye clinic, Midland Eye, announces the success of its first sight-saving Preserflo Microshunt glaucoma procedure.

Influential ophthalmologists

Ophthalmology has witnessed remarkable evolution and advancements throughout history. The field has undergone dramatic change and development since the times of Ancient Egypt where the first reference to eyes was made in the Code of Hammurabi (2250 BC) [1]. From...

Contemporary glaucoma therapy: spoilt for choice

The goal of glaucoma management is to prevent visual loss and disease progression in the patient’s lifetime through effective lowering of intraocular pressure (IOP), the primary modifiable risk factor in glaucoma. Sustained and consistent IOP reduction is key to halting...