Certifying patients as visually impaired: the start of a journey

In March 2017 there were 290,475 people registered as either visually impaired or severely visually impaired in the UK [1]. Patients registered as sight impaired benefit from financial support as well as practical help. Practical help is provided by social...

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Conservative management of concomitant strabismus

The aim of management for all patients with strabismus should centre around four goals: to prevent amblyopia, to alleviate symptoms, to restore binocular single vision (BSV) and to improve ocular alignment. The conservative management options available for strabismus include observation,...

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What's trending Oct/Nov 2019

#probeyeotic #eyeballbugs #microbiome The human microbiome usually conjures up images of the gastrointestinal tract and yoghurt containing good bacteria. However, research suggests that the ocular mucosa is home to a unique microbe collection, with important immunological functional properties [1]. This...

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Eye News to host educational day focused on AI and new technology

We’re delighted to announce that we will be hosting a symposium again next year as part of Eyecare 2020.

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Advanced Glaucoma Surgery Course in Africa through the Juba-Bournemouth VISION 2020 LINK

In order to enhance specialist skills, particularly for South Sudan, the Juba-Bournemouth VISION 2020 LINK has been offering week-long intensive ophthalmic specialist training for the last three years, in collaboration with the University of Nairobi, the College of Ophthalmology of...

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“Steel True, Blade Straight”

Steven Kerr of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh explores the medical career of Arthur Conan Doyle, his relationship with his mentor Joseph Bell and his fascination with ophthalmology. Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh on the...

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SOS (Simplified Ophthalmic Statistics) Part 4: How to present your statistical analysis

This is the last in this series of short guides which we hope provide some guidance in relation to statistical issues researchers may encounter when conducting research, audit or indeed quality improvement projects. Here we focus on an issue that...

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In conversation with Robert F Walters

We chatted to Robert F Walters, Orbis Trustee at ESCRS 2019. In the series of videos below he gives us a brief overview of the work Orbis is doing globally, the challenges faced in treating refugees including avoidable blindness and...

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Choosing a subspecialty

It is quite worrying how many registrars reach the final years of training without choosing a subspecialty. Sometimes this is because they love everything and cannot countenance giving any of it up, but more commonly this is due to various...

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Does a gut-eye axis exist?

Simerdip Kaur takes a look at the latest ophthalmology-related news stories and asks which are based on facts and which are ‘fake news’. Headline: Does a gut-eye axis exist? Over a decade ago, the Human Microbiome Project was launched by...

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Illuminating task lighting

Good lighting is always important but especially for patients who are visually impaired. Janet Pooley provides an overview. We tend to discuss lighting with patients when their vision is reduced, and where we are considering higher reading adds or low...

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