The truth behind the headlines Jun/Jul 2019

Simerdip Kaur takes a look at the latest ophthalmology-related news stories and asks which are based on facts and which are ‘fake news’. Headline: Does beauty truly lie in the eye of the beholder? Scleral whitening, iris colour-changing drops and...

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Measuring patient-reported outcomes after refractive surgery to assess patient satisfaction

Patient-reported outcomes enable surgeons to evaluate patients’ symptoms and satisfaction after laser vision correction. The great majority of patients are pleased with their outcomes from laser vision correction, whether it is with photorefractive keratectomy, laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK), or small...

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It’s easy when you know the rules

As I was travelling along a deserted road on a Sunday last month I saw in my peripheral vision a disconcerting flash of light behind me. Much as I tried to convince myself that the flash was due to the...

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In conversation with Professor Harminder Singh Dua at OOC 2019

We chat to Professor Harminder Singh Dua at the Oxford Ophthalmological Congress 2019.   Click the image below to see his answers to our questions.

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Eyes on the road – visual standards for car drivers

The author examines the current visual standards required by drivers and asks whether more needs to be done to make roads safer. Are the public adequately protected by the current system of visual standards required by drivers? In a survey...

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Understanding amniotic membrane grafts

Safa Elhassan gives a brief review of amniotic membrane grafts and their application in theatre and clinic-based settings. Amniotic membrane (AM) transplant has been an established adjuvant treatment for many corneal, conjunctival and scleral disorders in ophthalmic clinical practice with...

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Useful digital resources for the modern ophthalmologist

In the age of the internet and a smartphone at everyone’s fingertips, here are some free resources I have found to be useful on the job, and hopefully will be of use to you too. Feedly (Android/iOS): Better known as...

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