Amman Retina Meeting

Amman, Jordan

ISD-DE (International Society of Dacryology and Dry Eye) Meeting 2024

London, UK
The International Meeting for Watery and Dry Eyes on corneal, tears, eyelids, dry and watery eyes

7th European Aniridia Conference

Stockholm, Sweden
The European Aniridia Conference is a biannual conference that brings together researchers, practitioners and diagnosis carriers to share the latest scientific know-how, experiences and ideas about the rare genetic condition aniridia and aniridia-related diseases. 

EGS (European Glaucoma Society) Congress 2024

Dublin, Ireland

Moorfields Education: The Macula course 2024

London, UK / Online
The course aims to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date review of retinal and macular diseases and their management, including new developments.

Biometry Course


RCOphth (The Royal College of Ophthalmologists) Introduction to Ophthalmic Surgery course

London, UK
This course is designed to serve as an introduction to ophthalmic surgery and will offer an opportunity for trainees to learn some of the core skills that form the building blocks of ophthalmic surgery. The focus will be on hands-on...