“What we are doing to help and support you” DTR Medical

With COVID-19 placing increasing pressure on our healthcare providers, we are continually innovating and evolving to act in the best interests of both you and your customers.

Toul Mobile - Prevent Airborne Contamination in your practice

Are you concerned about your safety, your colleagues, staff and patients due to Covid-19? Trying to do everything you can do limit the spread?

ZEISS launch new MED Support Now website

We want you to know that we are here to support you, your patients and your communities.

Scope unveils newly rebranded VitA-POS as HYLO NIGHT® with all of the same features and benefits, but now under the trusted HYLO brand of ocular lubricants

SCOPE is pleased to announce the launch of its new night-time dry eye ointment HYLO-NIGHT® (formerly VitA-POS).

Bausch+Lomb hosts inaugural international refractive meeting in Lisbon

In February, Bausch + Lomb hosted Hi-Tech days, an educational event focused on premium refractive technologies. This meeting brought together international speakers to discuss a wide range of topics in Cataract, Corneal and Refractive surgery including FLACS, Premium IOLs, Astigmatism, Refractive surgery and Therapeutics as well as discussions around interesting and challenging cases.

You can help end avoidable blindness and help people See the Way to a brighter future

Every day, people in the world’s poorest places become needlessly blind because of conditions that can be easily treated.

BVI launch Vitreq® 29G Directional Spotlight Chandelier

The device facilitates bimanual surgery for vitreoretinal procedures with an integrated directional function and wide-view fibre tip for global endo-illumination.

Surgitrac® Instruments independently awarded Level 3 Labour Systems Assurance System (LSAS)

Surgitrac Instruments is pleased to announce its accreditation of Level 3 Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS).

Genius Eye Pro - Intelligent operating tables for professional eye surgery

The Genius Eye Pro operating table from renowned manufacturer Brumaba is designed specifically for ophthalmic procedures.

Oertli Instrumente AG launches the ViPerTM illuminated scleral indentor - a world novelty innovation for retinal surgery.

The ViPerTM illuminated scleral indentor is an illuminated indentor unique in the world in its design and application purpose.

Holoxica and UKE develop holographic demonstrations for ophthalmic surgical procedures

Holoxica has been working with surgeons at the University of Hamburg-Eppendorf Eye Clinic (UKE) to produce holograms and animations of various ophthalmic surgical procedures, including cataracts, PK (Perforating Keratoplasty)...

AHPO offers Apprenticeships for Ophthalmic Healthcare Science Associates

An ageing population and rapidly advancing ophthalmic technologies are putting hospital eye services under intense pressure. All patients attending eye clinics have diagnostic tests, but until now there...