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In conversation with Niven Smith

Eye News spoke to Niven Smith about Glaukos, exciting products and developments, and how they plan to innovate.

Amblyopia treatment

This study was conducted to assess practice preferences in the management of amblyopia among paediatric ophthalmologists. A close-ended multiple choice questionnaire consisting of 10 questions was circulated to 113 paediatric ophthalmologists and fellows of which 74 completed the questionnaire. Seventy-six...

Evening Symposium at ESCRS

Introducing iStent inject® W: The Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent for the Cataract Surgeon.

Significant improvements in Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) in Glaucoma patients reported following implantation of iStent inject at the time of cataract surgery

A prospective study of patients undergoing trabecular micro-bypass implantation with iStent or iStent inject® at the time of cataract surgery shows clinically and statistically significant improvements in ocular surface disease (OSD), including tear break-up time, corneal/conjunctival staining, and Ocular Surface Disease Index scores (OSDI).

iStent inject®, at the time of cataract surgery show improved QOL (QUALITY OF LIFE) vs cataract alone

In an analysis of Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data (VFQ-25 and OSDI questionnaires) from the Randomized Control Pivotal Trial (RCT) of iStent inject ®, subjects undergoing iStent inject ® plus cataract surgery reported greater vision-related quality of life improvement than cataract surgery alone.

iStent Technologies Virtual Surgical Course

In November 2021 Glaukos hosted a Virtual Surgical Course on iStent Technologies.

The Case of Dr Bawa-Garba – Where does the buck stop?

The case of Hadiza Bawa-Garba has left all of us in the UK medical profession with an uncomfortable taste in our mouths. We all know that we work under pressure and we will inevitably make mistakes. We all know that...

Survey of current undergraduate ophthalmology teaching in the United Kingdom

Is there a crisis in ophthalmic education? The British Undergraduate Ophthalmology Society surveyed medical students and junior doctors to evaluate current ophthalmology teaching across medical schools in the UK. British medicals schools are currently not obligated to include ophthalmology within...

Clearly: How a 700 year old invention can change the world forever

“If you are reading this, there’s a one in two chance that you’re doing so with a pair of glasses or contact lenses. Just imagine what your life would be like without them.” Most of the people living in this...

Early refractive correction promotes esotropia control

This study sought to determine the incidence and characteristics of esotropia in a Northern Ireland population of children <7 years old in a one-year period. The authors report a 2013 cohort in which the area catchment had 29,365 children under...

Clear sight is ‘revelation’ for Yaxley resident following ‘life-changing’ surgery

Retiree Steve Low has rekindled his love for photography.

Refraction planning in cataract: avoid creating an unhappy patient

“It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.” William Osler The focus of this paper is the prevention of an unhappy patient following cataract...