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Densiron 68 is a heavy silicone oil (HSO) used to treat rhegmatogenous retinal detachments (RRD) with inferior retinal breaks. The authors compared changes in retinal thickness during and after the use of Densiron endotamponade, and looked at any association between this and visual outcomes. Twenty eyes of 20 patients were identified as having undergone surgery with Densiron endotamponade for RRD with inferior breaks. Eleven of these had Densiron as their primary tamponade agent. Patients underwent removal of HSO after a mean period of 55.4 days (range 24 to 88) and were followed up for a mean of 192 days after surgery. Three of these had re-detachment and needed further surgery. Two patients developed cystoid macular oedema (CMO) after removal of Densiron, which resolved with treatment. A statistically significant difference was found in the central retinal thickness (CRT) before and after Densiron removal. The CRT was lower during Densiron in situ period, with a recovery of the thickness after removal (from 248 to 277 microns, P=0.001). No statistical difference in the CRT between the operated and fellow eye was found at the last follow-up after Densiron removal. The authors conclude that this reflects a transient macular thinning associated with the use of Densiron, which can be explained by short-term mechanical stress caused by the HSO. They hypothesise that the relatively fast removal of Densiron may have prevented long-term damage from continued stress on the macular area. The CRT in the operated eye was higher (but not significantly so) than that of the fellow eye, and this could be caused by a secondary repair process in the retina. There was no significant correlation between the final visual acuity and the retinal thickness. The authors conclude that Densiron can be considered a safe short-term tamponade in primary vitrectomy for RRD with inferior retinal breaks. – KSC

Transient macular thinning during the use of heavy silicone oil, Densiron 68.
Hostovsky A, Mandelcorn MS, Mandelcorn ED.
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Kurt Spiteri Cornish

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, London, UK.

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