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In this 10-year review, the authors look at published techniques for repairing upper lid defects and their respective success. Of the 10 studies included in this paper, they divide the techniques described within to bridging and non-bridging. Bridging techniques tend to be a variation of the well-known Cutler-Beard method. Non-bridging, on the other hand, tend to use grafts for the posterior lamellar and flaps for the anterior lamellar, all completed in one stage. The main complication associated with bridging techniques is lid retraction and, with non-bridging, is corneal irritation particularly when using auricular or hard palate grafts for the posterior lamellar. This article serves as a useful summary of some of the newer reconstruction techniques attempted for large upper lid defects.

Advancements in the repair of large upper eyelid defects: a 10-year review.
Jennings E, Krakauer M, Nunery WR, Aakalu VK.
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Hetvi Bhatt

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, Birmingham, UK.

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