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New sculpture unveiled at ABDO College

A new sculpture was unveiled at ABDO College this week.

Crisis at Christmas Opticians celebrate 20-year partnership

The London Crisis at Christmas Opticians and Eyecare Service, which is run as a partnership between Crisis, the national charity for people experiencing homelessness and Vision Care for Homeless People, celebrated its 20th year in December, with the service growing from one initial clinic to nine in London.

RPE use similar pathway to regulatory T cells to inhibit immune response

Retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells form an important part of the blood-retinal barrier that protects the neuronal cells responsible for sight. RPE cells are involved in innate and adaptive immune responses via expression of surface molecules and release of cytokines....

Glaukos at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress 2019 – Stand 17b

Glaukos, the ophthalmic medical technology company dedicated solely to the transformation of the treatment of glaucoma, is delighted to be attending the Annual Congress in Glasgow in May 2019. Glaukos has a portfolio of cutting edge products including the revolutionary...

The paediatric cataract: an overview of the diagnosis and management

In this second article (see first article here), Samuel Aryee and Rhys Dumont Jones review the challenges involved in managing this condition. Examination and diagnosis Cataracts in children can appear in a variety of forms, each presenting in a different...

The science of glaucoma management: highlights of the 2020 Moorfields International Glaucoma Symposium

Held earlier this year, the 12th annual Moorfields International Glaucoma Symposium provided a forum for advanced clinical and scientific exchange in glaucoma management. The authors describe the key presentation themes and debates, highlighting specific topics of interest to glaucoma specialists....

My top five Apps for UK-based general ophthalmologists

The way we interact in society is changing as more of us are becoming ‘digital natives’: individuals who are in close contact to the internet and expect to integrate smart devices with our daily lives. This was stereotypically a term...

IACLE honors the recipients of the 2023 awards

Contact lens educators from three countries – Colombia, India, and Jordan – receive prestigious awards from the International Association of Contact Lens Educators (IACLE) for their outstanding contributions to contact lens education.

University of Glasgow officially opens new home for School of Health & Wellbeing

Research in the Clarice Pears building aims to improve health and reduce health inequalities.

OpenEyes – Community edition

Moving to an electronic patient record (EPR) is all the rage these days, even in the District General Hospitals (DGHs). When I am not writing these articles I work in one such hospital. At Bolton Foundation Trust we deployed OpenEyes...

Javier Bardem 'donates' his iris to the Eyes of the World Foundation to fight avoidable blindness

The Eyes of the World Foundation has launched 'Iris of the World' to raise awareness of the deficiencies in eye care in the most vulnerable areas of the world, and to defend the universal right to vision.

Third nerve palsy

Case scenarios A 71-year-old female presented to a nearby eye emergency unit with two days history of partial ptosis in her left eye with diplopia. She saw her GP earlier that day and he asked her to go to the...