Clearing the Cataract procedure backlog to help patients get their independence back

Cataract if left untreated can have a detrimental impact on patients’ quality of life.

Haag-Streit UK announces the launch of the MR Q Combo laser system in the UK

Haag-Streit UK is pleased to announce the launch of the MR Q Combo in the UK.

Surgitrac, SteriSleeve Micro Caps

Create a sterile field by fixing the caps direct to the ophthalmic microscope pupil distance adjustment handles.

Positive outcomes for premium LuxSmart™ intraocular lenses, following one-year real-world experience

Bausch + Lomb’s premium lens designed for providing distance and intermediate continuous vision with a potentially similar dysphotopsia profile as a monofocal, thanks to its Pure Refractive Optics technology Bausch + Lomb today announced positive outcomes following the one-year real-world evaluation of its premium LuxSmart™ lens, since its European launch in 2020.

Théa launches new, free educational platform!

Théa Pharmaceuticals is excited to announce the launch of the Théa Academy, a dedicated platform supporting the education of eye health professionals across the UK.

iTrack™ – A different approach to the outflow pathway

Unlike other MIGS which create artificial flow, iTrack™ is a stent-free, tissue-sparing procedure that treats 360° of the conventional outflow pathway to re-establish natural aqueous flow.

Introducing EziDrops, the incredibly simple and effective aid for administering eye drops

Ezidrops Ltd. Is an innovative inventor of simple to use Eye and Ear Drop Applicators.

Putting surgeons’ comfort first with ergonomically correct seating

Ensure that you are sitting stable and safely during long and complicated procedures.

Brits ignore their eye health and miss out on essential eye tests

Experts call for greater eye self-care during national eye awareness week 2021.

Blink Medical team attend launch of Orbis UK Surgical Fund Appeal

Blink Medical’s Managing Director Roger Tyler and Sales Director Tim Price attended the Orbis UK charity event on 14 September 2021 to mark the launch of their Surgical Fund Appeal at the Royal College of Surgeons in central London.

Intelligent operating tables for professional eye surgery

The Genius Eye Pro operating table from renowned manufacturer Brumaba is designed specifically for ophthalmic procedures.

Single-use cataract procedure sets from Surgitrac

Surgitrac instruments offers two new cataract procedure sets, ideal for the busy ophthalmologist.