British Blind Sport (BBS) is seeking voluntary classifiers to aid in offering sight classifications for adults and children. BBS, which helps blind and partially sighted people lead active lives and engage and play sports, works with people at all levels, ranging from grassroots to the Paralympic Games.

Classification is a service that BBS offers to blind and partially sighted people, enabling them to be able to play sport on a level playing field. The process implements strict guidelines in order to define who is eligible to be classified for visually impaired sport. Classification is a recommended process for most recreational sport played in the UK, and a necessary process for domestic and international sport played at an elite level.

In classifying, a Classification is assigned to a visually impaired athlete, based on the visual impairment, so that he or she can compete equally with other athletes and success is dependent on sports performance alone. BBS has enjoyed recent success in recruiting optometrists to volunteer as Classifiers, and now seeks to expand the operation by recruiting ophthalmologists. The ideal volunteer will be a qualified ophthalmologist, with the ability to be able to communicate clearly with non-professionals to ascertain their understanding, with an understanding and interest in disability sport desired, but not essential.

View a full job description on the BBS website here.

For more information, or an informal discussion about the role, phone: 01926 424247.