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Sclerotomy suturing

This was a retrospective review of 589 consecutive cases of patients who underwent 23-gauge tranconjunctival pars plana vitrectomy. Cases were split into Type 1 vitrectomies (macular hole, ERM and simple vitreous haemorrhages) and Type 2 cases which were more complex...

You can help end avoidable blindness and help people See the Way to a brighter future

Every day, people in the world’s poorest places become needlessly blind because of conditions that can be easily treated.

Sub-clinical detection methods in multiple sclerosis

Visually symptomatic multiple sclerosis (MS) provides only part of the required information to assist in understanding the disease. Recently, researchers have concentrated their efforts on diagnosing MS cases in the subclinical period. The aim of this paper was to assess...

Diagnoses of dry eye disease double within a year

Over a third of Britons haven’t had an eye test within the last two years, while one in five have not had an eye test due to financial struggles.

Human factors in the operating room

The importance of minimising human error in surgery is well established. This was initially sparked by lessons learned from the aviation industry in the 1970s after several fatal flight accidents [1]. This became a catalyst for a movement on training...

A closed angle seldom comes alone

Case report An 89-year-old lady with dementia was referred to me out of hours by her GP with a few days history of an angry looking left eye for suspected elevated intraocular pressure (IOP). I discovered that this lady first...

The 2020 Milgram Experiment

Will ophthalmology recover from COVID-19? Learning Curve columnist Gwyn Samuel Williams shares his thoughts on the developing impact of the pandemic “It’s busy today,” the nurse in green chuckles. “There are six patients I think.” Six. This clinic is designed...

RCOphth to host digital event on COVID-19 recovery

The RCOphth will be running its first ever virtual conference with lectures and discussions on restarting services, theatre pathways, the impact on training, home testing, digital innovations and the physical effects of the virus on the eye.

Optical Suppliers Association creates Sustainability Committee

The OSA will be holding their first Sustainability Committee meeting on Friday 23 July.

New editorial coordinator joins the Eye News team

We are delighted to announce that Chris Henson will be joining the Eye News team as editorial coordinator from this week.

Glaukos at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress 2019 – Stand 17b

Glaukos, the ophthalmic medical technology company dedicated solely to the transformation of the treatment of glaucoma, is delighted to be attending the Annual Congress in Glasgow in May 2019. Glaukos has a portfolio of cutting edge products including the revolutionary...

RPE use similar pathway to regulatory T cells to inhibit immune response

Retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells form an important part of the blood-retinal barrier that protects the neuronal cells responsible for sight. RPE cells are involved in innate and adaptive immune responses via expression of surface molecules and release of cytokines....