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Glaukos Videos - iStent Inject

Trabecular bypass surgery with iStent Inject enhances aqueous outflow from the eye , evidence of this is demonstrated through Angiographic visualization of aqueous humor outflow in studies conducted by Dr. Alex Huang M.D, Ph.D

Ophthalmic DOPS and OSATS: The Handbook for Work-Based Assessments

The first thing to say is: “I wish I’d had this book when I was an ST1!” The number of work-based assessments (WBA) required during ophthalmic specialist training (OST) is a daunting prospect to trainee ophthalmologists, particularly ST1s with no...

Ophthalmology in the developing world

After the second year of medical school, I spent my summer vacation working as a volunteer for a small Italian non-government organisation (NGO), named HEALTH-AID. As part of my volunteering experience, I joined a team of European doctors, medical students...

UKISCRS Open Nominations for Three New Council Members

The UKISCRS CIO, registered number 1191256, have a vacancy for three members to join the council.