This study is a retrospective non- comparative review of visual field (VF) tests in patients with compressive optic neuropathy from thyroid eye disease (TED-CON). Ninety-six visual fields in 68 patients were included in the study and a two-step analysis of field defects was done. A classification was undertaken into seven broad categories based on the predominant area of defect. Most common pattern was inferior field defect in 55% of patients, which increased to 69% when more advanced diffuse defects were included. Pre-specified patterns from the Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study were also used to classify the patterns of field defects and this again found a predominance of inferior VF defects. The authors propose this as stereotypical field changes in TED-CON. Visual fields are an essential part of screening and follow-up of TED patients. This study helps to identify VF deficit patterns in TED. The authors suggest the development of a new system to classify VF changes in TED. 

Patterns of visual field changes in thyroid eye disease.
Choi CJ, Oropesa S, Callahan AB, et al.
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Jaya Myneni

Royal Liverpool University Hospitals, UK.

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