The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between self-rated vision status and tests of visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, stereoacuity, bilateral visual field and self-reported visual function in specific domains of near and far vision. The goal was to determine which variables are most important when subjects rate the quality of their vision. The study sample was 2467 people. They found that multiple components are related to the simple measure of self-rated vision status. Better visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and bilateral visual fields and stereoacuity are associated significantly with better vision status. Better distance visual acuity and contrast sensitivity were most important in increasing odds of better vision status. Analysis of ADVS subscales revealed that better function on near and far vision subscales were significantly associated with better reports of vision status but particularly near vision.

Associations between self-rated vision score, vision tests and self-reported visual function in the Salisbury Eye Evaluation Study.
El-Gasim M, Munoz B, West SK, Scott AW.
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Carmel Noonan

Aintree University Hospital, Liverpool, UK

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