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Inferior oblique (IO) muscle belly transposition involves fixing the belly of the IO to the sclera at 5mm posterior to the temporal insertion of the inferior rectus (IR). This study reports the clinical outcomes of bilateral surgery to treat V pattern strabismus with upshoot in adduction. This was a retrospective study of 13 patients with follow-up of 4-12 months. Preoperative deviation measurement was 18.92 ±4.31PD reducing to 3.462 ±1.85PD at follow-up. The degree of upshoot in adduction was 1.92 preoperatively reducing to 0.12. There was no consecutive A pattern or anti-elevation syndrome postoperatively. The study reported achievement of 100% collapse of the V pattern although the authors recognise the selection bias of this study and small sample size. There is potential benefit for surgical management of mild V pattern with this procedure.

Inferior oblique belly transposition for V pattern strabismus.
Si M, Yang S, Tien DR, et al.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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