This is a prospective randomised study of 100 patients’ left eye having undergone phacoemulsification either by a 2.4mm nasal clear corneal incision (CCI) group or temporal CCI group. The corneal astigmatic changes were compared between groups by power vector analysis, corneal shape changes were compared by video keratography (VKG) maps at two days, and at two, four and eight weeks postoperatively. The VKG maps showed a wedge-shaped flattening in the total cornea and a steepening in the posterior cornea around the CCIs in both groups at two days postoperatively; those were more prominent in the nasal CCI than the temporal CCI group. The J0 (vertica / horizontal changes) and the J45 (oblique changes) of the total cornea were significantly greater in the nasal CCI group than in the temporal CCI group at two and four weeks postoperatively but did not differ significantly between groups at two days and eight weeks. The wound related changes diminished by eight weeks postoperatively in the total and posterior cornea and were similar in between two groups at eight weeks. The authors concluded that corneal shape and astigmatic changes were comparable at two months postoperatively between eyes that underwent a 2.4mm nasal and temporal CCI, although the changes were greater after nasal CCI than after temporal CCI in the early postoperative periods. 

Corneal shape changes of the total and posterior cornea after temporal versus nasal clear corneal incision (CCI) cataract surgery.
Hayashi K, Sato T, Yoshida M, Yoshimura K.
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