The aim was to assess the visual acuity measurements performed by the preferential looking method using Teller acuity cards (TAC) in elderly subjects with dementia due to probable Alzheimer’s disease. The mean age was 78.2±9.11 years for patients and 77.2±6.19 years for controls. Controls consisted of older volunteers with no cognitive decline and all aged over 65 years. Patients had a mean MMSE score of 12.15±7.29 versus 27.3±3.07 for controls which was significantly different. Visual acuity was tested with recognition Lea symbols and with TAC. Visual acuities with both measures were well correlated. The authors propose the use of TAC as a viable alternative method for assessment of acuity in dementia patients who may not be able to perform traditional recognition acuity tests.

Assessment of visual acuity in patients with dementia using Teller acuity cards.
Froiman PC, Dantas PEC.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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