A retrospective study reviewed the motor outcomes of strabismus surgery in a cohort of 18 patients who had all previously undergone a scleral buckling procedure to treat retinal detachment. The mean age at strabismus surgery was 48 years (14-67) and median time from scleral buckling surgery to first strabismus surgery was 14.5 months (eight months to 19 years). The preoperative horizontal deviation ranged from 25PD esotropia to 70PD exotropia and vertical deviation ranged from 25PD right hypotropia to 35PD right hypertropia. Eight patients had both horizontal and vertical deviations, seven had horizontal deviations only and three had vertical deviations only. The overall success rate was 33% (six patients). Higher success was noted in the group that had the scleral buckle removed (62.5%) versus the scleral buckle left (10%). There were no retinal re-detachments.

Strabismus surgery outcomes after scleral buckling procedures for retinal reattachment.
Chang JH, Hutchinson AK, Zhang M, Lambert SR.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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