In this study the authors evaluate the accuracy and sensitivity of the Plusoptix S08 photoscreener in detecting strabismus problems in 83 patients aged from six months to 40 years (mean 105 months). A pass was achieved for 25 patients and 58 were referred. These included four with exophoria, 55 with esotropia, 15 with exotropia and nine with horizontal and vertical combined strabismus. The angle measured <20PD in 15 patients, 20-30PD in 24 patients, 30-40PD in 21 patients and >40PD in 21 patients. The overall sensitivity to detection of strabismus was 70%. Sensitivity increased as the deviation angle increased and particularly when >30PD. The authors conclude it cannot be used solely in evaluating strabismus due to the low sensitivity for deviations measuring <30PD. 

Plusoptix S08 sensitivity in detecting strabismus as amblyogenic risk factor.
Moghadam AS, Alizadeh R, Zarei-Ghanavati M.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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