This prospective study evaluated effect of successful surgical alignment on improvement of stereopsis in 34 adults (15 female, 19 male) with childhood strabismus to determine the prognostic factors for sensory outcome. Fourteen cases were esotropic and 20 exotropic with mean age of 26.08 ±10.53 years. Esotropia mean measurement was 41.78 ±17.05 prism dioptres and exotropia was 39.25 ±12.48 dioptres. At six months follow-up 61.8% were orthotropic; 38.2% had eso or exotropia of <10 dioptres at three months follow-up; 23.5% achieved stereopsis and all were in the orthotropic group. Being in the orthotropic group was the only prognostic factor found. Duration of preoperative misalignment, presence / absence of amblyopia and eso versus exotropia were not prognostic or significant. 

Factors affecting improvement of stereopsis following successful surgical correction of childhood strabismus in adults.
Andalib D, Nabie R, Poormohammad B.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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