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The authors aimed to determine repeatability and reproducibility of refractive values and pupil size measured using the Spot Vision Screener and to compare its measurement values with the Grand Seiko autorefractor. This was a cross-sectional study of 22 healthy adults; 14 female and eight male aged 22 ±2.7 years. Mean spherical equivalent values were -2.79D monocular and -0.52D binocular (Spot) and -2.98D monocular and -2.93D binocular (Seiko). There was a significant difference between the two with the Spot screener being less myopic. Cylinder measures were -0.59 monocular and -0.52 binocular (Spot) and -0.70 monocular and -0.75 binocular (Seiko) with binocular measures only being significantly different. Pupil measurements were not significantly different: 6.26mm monocular and 5.47mm binocular (Spot), 6.40mm monocular and 5.47mm binocular (Seiko). Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) for intra and inter rater agreement was >0.99 for both devices for spherical equivalent values. There was high repeatability and reproducibility for both devices. The Spot screener had a significant shift to hypermetropic but the difference was <0.25D and not clinically significant. The authors acknowledge the limitations of a small sample of healthy volunteers. They conclude the device shows good repeatability and reliability and is a useful portable refractor and pupillometry device.

Comparison of refractive value and pupil size under monocular and binocular conditions between the Spot Vision screener and binocular open-field autorefractor.
Satou T, Takahashi Y, Niida T.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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