The authors report their results and complications associated with the use of silicone rod for frontalis suspension lid surgery. This was a retrospective study of 38 eyes (25 patients) with six months follow-up. The group included 19 males and six females aged 3-21 years (mean 10.68 ±6.26). Adequate cosmetic correction was attained in 34 eyes (89%). Four eyes had undercorrection and one eye had late recurrence of ptosis due to sling slippage. Five eyes had significant lid lag and lagophthalmos, three had suture granuloma on the forehead, three with sling exposure and one with bilateral chronic eye lid oedema. The authors report the silicone rod to be safe with the advantage of allowing complete eyelid closure because of its elasticity. It is deemed useful in patients with poor Bell’s phenomenon and dry eye. However, it is not without complications.

Results and complications of silicone frontalis sling surgery for ptosis.
Bansal RK, Sharma S.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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