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This literature review was undertaken to investigate the indications, complications and final results of amniotic membrane (AM) transplantation in ocular motility restrictions. The review (of 1103 papers) outlines the healing process plus use of AM. Excluded papers were those of non-humans, experimental, mitomycin C and insufficient data on ocular motility (n=14 papers). Many had single or small case numbers, 11 were retrospective. Allogenic AM transplantation wrapping muscles with restricted ocular motility resulted in improvement. Six papers reported 100% improved, and six reported improvement of 47-88%. One paper reported no improvement; this used lyophilised AM and the only study to use this. Other studies suggest beneficial effects in preventing recurrence of adhesions. The study recommends cryopreserved AM as fresh AM carries risk of infectious disease transmission. There were no long-term complications or adverse effects, suggesting safety in the use of AM.

Treatment and prevention of ocular motility restrictions with amniotic membrane transplantation.
Fernandez Jimenez-Ortiz H, Sampedro Yanez R, Villarrubia Torcal B, et al.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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