The aim of this study was to determine quantitatively the efficacy of medial and lateral rectus muscle advancement in consecutive exotropia and esotropia. The authors analysed the relationship between the change in muscle position and the change in visual angle deviation. Eleven children with exotropia and esotropia were recruited with a mean age of 7.4 years ±1.9. Secondary surgery was undertaken at 17.7 years ±12.4 for esotropia and 62 years ±24.1 for exotropia. Success was defined as a deviation <10 prism dioptres at one week post-op. The average correction ratio for all cases was 4.31 dioptres per mm. The larger the preoperative angle and amount of rectus advancement, the greater the surgical dose effect. No postoperative duction or version limitations were noted. The results suggest single muscle advancement is sufficient to correct most cases. 

Surgical dose-effect relationship in single muscle advancement in the treatment of consecutive strabismus.
Kim BH, Suh SY, Kim JH, et al.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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