This article reports three cases of hemifield slide, a phenomenon whereby there is an inability to stabilise and fuse visual hemifields. It occurs with heteronymous visual field loss and is thought to result from the loss of corresponding retinal points. The shift can be a horizontal or vertical binocular dissociation of visual fields and can lead to diplopia without evidence of a muscle paresis. One of the cases discussed is a case of binasal hemianopia in whom symptoms improved with expansion of the visual fields. The other two cases were of bitemporal field defects causing hemifield slide. Both these patients underwent strabismus surgery, one of whom had adjustable suture surgery, who described changes in her visual field before, during and after the adjustment which were classic for hemifield slide. The three patients reported have described intermittent diplopia as a symptom (two cases) and missing a central strip in the binocular visual field (remaining case). Visual field improvement resolved the hemifield slide in the patients reported. This article highlights the symptoms and treatment options for this small patient group, reporting that symptoms can be difficult to correct, especially where the visual field defect persists.

Hemifield slide phenomenon as a result of heteronymous hemianopia.
Peragallo JH, Bialer OY, Pineles SL, Newman NJ.
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Claire Howard

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford, UK.

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