This multicentre randomised prospective open label study compared 0.5 versus 2mg of ranibizumab in patients with submacular retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) detachment due to age-related macular degeneration. Four treatment regimens were used for the two strengths either monthly for 12 months or monthly for four months followed by repeat ranibizumab injections (RI) on a pro-re nata basis. Thirty patients participated with 36 eligible eyes. Outcome measures were best corrected standardised visual acuities, central 1mm thickness, subretinal fluid and cystoid macular oedema. Both groups showed reductions of the central 1mm thickness with vision improvement seen earlier for those receiving the higher dose. Cataract progression was similar in both groups but RPE tears developed most often in the 2.0mg dose. The authors conclude that although the visual and anatomical outcomes (weeks four and eight) were similar at the end of the study, the higher dose showed more rapid reductions and complete resolution of pigment epithelial detachment (PED). 

Earlier therapeutic effects associated with high dose (2.0 mg) Ranibizumab for treatment of vascularized pigment epithelial detachments in age-related macular degeneration.
Chan C, Abraham P, Sarraf D, et al.
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Nana Theodorou

BMedSCi (Hons) PhD, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Clinical Research Office, 11 Broomfield Road, Sheffield, S10 2SE, UK.

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