The purpose was to examine the quality of referrals made for children with esotropia and to evaluate management offered prior to referral. This retrospective study identified 326 children with esotropia aged less than five years and referred over a period of three years. Two hundred and seven were referred by optometrists and 119 by physicians. The mean delay in referral was 17.82 months for referrals made by physicians and 24.64 months for optometry referrals which was a significant difference. Twenty-one percent of all referrals were within four months of onset of esotropia. Twenty-one percent were for infantile esotropia and 48% of these had stereopsis of 100” or better. Management for refractive error and amblyopia was not always instigated prior to referral. Where management was offered prior to referral, it was not always appropriate or adequate in more than 50% of cases. Local education and information is required to improve referrals.

Quality of referrals to a pediatric ophthalmology practice in South Western Ontario.
Makar I, Kerrin M, Smith K.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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