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This study aimed to define potential factors that influence the perceived urgency of strabismus surgery by ophthalmologists. This was a survey study which comprised questions regarding demographics of the ophthalmology respondents and a ranking of eight photos of adults with strabismus. There were 128 responses representing a response rate of 6.8% from AAPOS members. Mean age was 51 ±12 years, 52.3% female and 13.3% in practice for 0-5 years, 13.3% for 6-10 years, 24.2% for 10-20 years and 49.2% for >20 years practice. Males were older and had greater number of years in practice than females. Overall, the 50PD photos were ranked as more urgent than 30PD photos and male photos as slightly more urgent than female photos. For 50PD strabismus (eso and exo) female photos were perceived as a more urgent need for surgery but the converse for 30PD strabismus (males>females). Exotropia was perceived as more urgent for surgery than eso but only for 30PD strabismus. The results indicate that patient gender and degree of deviation may influence decisions on the need and timing for surgery. It is important to raise awareness of this potential unconscious bias.

Factors affecting the perception of strabismus among pediatric ophthalmologists.
Ramirez MK, Bello NR, Schnall BM, et al.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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