The purpose of this study was to compare refractive data obtained by the Plusoptix and SPOT to data obtained during masked paediatric ophthalmic examinations with retinoscopy in 44 pseudophakic eyes of 44 children. The average age at measurement was 7.4 ±4.8 years for 24 female and 20 male children. Strabismus was present in 14 and nystagmus in six children. The Plusoptix obtained a reading in 30/44 children of which refraction was possible in 5/44; SPOT in 28/44 children of which refraction was possible in 28/44. Retinoscopy was obtained in all children. Mean spherical refraction was -2.12±4.16D, mean cylinder was 1.36±1.26D and mean spherical equivalent was -1.44±3.75D. SPOT was more suited to estimating refraction and could be useful to evaluate myopic shift in pseudophakic eyes.

Prospective evaluation of photoscreeners in the pseudophakic eyes of children.
Trivedi RH, Wilson ME, Peterseim MM, et al.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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