This retrospective observational study included long-term results on endothelial cell losses in highly myopic eyes, which underwent phakic iris-clip lens implantations. Included in the analysis were 113 eyes with mean preoperative spherical equivalent (SEQ) of -14.67 +/- 5.15 Diopters (D). Mean follow-up was 5.4+/-3 years. In the first year of surgery endothelial cell loss (ECD) was 1.83%, followed by mean annual reduction of 0.87% thereafter. One 41-year-old patient experienced large ECD in seventh year after lens implantation, resulting in lens removal. No other complications were reported. Gender, anterior chamber depth (ACD) or degree of preoperative refractive error were not significantly linked to ECD, but all patients had ACD of more than 3mm. Although higher ECD was observed in patients, who were older at time of surgery, age did not reach statistically significant association with ECD. Based on observed rates of ECD it has been mathematically estimated it would require 96 years for the ECD to drop from baseline 3000cells/mm2 to 1500cells/mm2. These results show good tolerance of phakic iris-clip lenses, used for correction of high myopia, in keeping with previously reported data.

Corneal endothelial tolerance after iris-fixated phakic intraocular lens implantation: a model to predict endothelial cell survival.
Chebli S, Rabilloud M, Burillon C, Kocaba V.
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Magdalena Popiela

Royal Gwent Hospital, Cardiff, UK.

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