This study analyses the factors of perceived quality of care among patients undergoing cataract surgery. A questionnaire was designed to assess the patients’ views about the quality of care using QUOTE (Quality of Care through the Patient’s Eyes), which assessed the patients’ general background and disease specific questions pertaining to the care process and surgery. A total of 264 patients were asked to take part in this survey, where face-to-face interviews were conducted two hours post cataract surgery. The items were measured on the Likert scale and statistically analysed to look for internal consistency using the Cronbach’s Alpha (0.96) and appropriateness of the factor analytic model was assessed using the KMO (0.50) and Bartlett’s test (X2=2004.959, p<0.001). The varimax rotation analysis was performed in assessing the main underlying factors. Four factors emerged from the explanatory factors analysis: relaying information on the care process and behaviours; diagnosis and treatment process; accessibility / punctuality of physician and hospital facilities. This study opens a new perspective and highlights what the patients desire when they come for cataract surgery. This is very relevant to our current climate where PROMS are being used to assess the quality of care being provided.

Explanatory factors of quality of care from cataract patients’ perspective.
Cinarolgu S, Hearld KR, Igici SO.
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Mrinal Rana

University Hospital Coventry, Coventry, UK.

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