This letter to the editor describes two cases of wound leakage after Ozurdex injection. The first case is a man who had four previous injections for an underlying diagnosis of chronic serpiginous choroiditis, who was also on a course of oral steroids. The fifth injection was given at the same location and with the same technique as the previous injections. The next day he presented with a reduction in both vision and IOP. The second case was a woman who had received five previous injections with a history of acute retinal necrosis and two prior vitrectomies. Again, the ladies next injection was given at the same site and with the same technique as her previous injections. Two days later she presented with reduced visual acuity and lower IOP. A small conjunctival bleb was noted at the injection site. Both cases received no treatment and both showed an improvement in vision and IOP with time. The authors remind the reader that the sclera does not heal by primary intention but is repaired with fibrous tissue. They suggest that risk factors for wound leakage in these two cases could have been systemic steroid use, previous vitrectomy and a history of multiple injections in the same location.

Risk factors for wound leakage after ozurdex injection.
Panajaphongse R, Stewart JM.
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Saruban Pasu

Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK.

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