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This study aimed to explore the relationship between subjective and objective torsion in normal individuals with no manifest strabismus. The study included 118 eyes of 59 normal people aged >15 years using Heidelberg OCT and the Torsionometer. There were 27 males and 32 females aged 24-88 years. The range of OCT measures was 13.5 and 14.3 degrees for the highest and lowest measurement. The range for the Torsionometer was 6 degrees. Mean OCT was excyclo of -6.14 degrees for the right eye and -6.86 degrees for the left eye. Mean Torsionometer excyclo was -1.97 degrees. There was no strong correlation between OCT and the Torsionometer and a poor linear relationship. The findings indicate that amplitude of subjective torsion does not correlate with objective torsion in normal people and the two terms are not interchangeable and cannot be used to predict the other.

Comparison of subjective and objective torsion in normal patients.
Back SJ, Chen LZM, Shah PR, Fitzsimons R.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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