The purpose of this study was to report the authors’ experience with superselective ophthalmic artery infusion of Melphalon (SOAIM) for the treatment of five cases of unilateral sporadic retinoblastoma involving the macula. Standard therapy included a cycle of three infusions at an interval of three to four weeks each. Mean follow-up was 19 months (10-34). Globally SOAIM was well tolerated without major side-effects. Local adverse events were transient such as rash, haemorrhage and ptosis. All eyes were treated by transpupillary thermotherapy during or after the SOAIM. No enucleations were required and all patients remained alive and free of metastatic disease. The authors conclude SOAIM may be a potentially useful approach to treatment of retinoblastoma allowing the salvage of residual sight and low rate of complications. Tumour regression occurred in all cases.

Successful treatment of macular retinoblastoma with superselective ophthalmic artery infusion of melphalon.
Hadjistilianou T, Coriolani G, Bracco S, et al.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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