The authors report the efficacy in preventing lower eyelid retraction and long-term results of a new technique of inferior rectus recession for vertical strabismus. The results for 35 patients were compared with 22 patients having conventional inferior rectus recession. Inferior rectus recession was the sole operation for 26 cases of the study group. Nine also required contralateral inferior oblique recession. In the study group the mean age of onset of strabismus was 27.7±8.6 years, 80% had a satisfactory outcome and 20% were undercorrected. In the control group the mean onset of strabismus was 25.7±8.6 years, 78% had a satisfactory outcome and 22% were undercorrected. Lower eyelid retraction was significantly less for the study group than controls. The new technique recesses the deeper fibre layer including approximately 90% of inferior rectus muscle thickness that is present with preservation of anterior ciliary arteries. This avoids lower lid retraction. Otherwise there were no significant differences between groups for improvement in deviation and success ratios. 

Long-term results of deeper muscle fibre recession of an inferior rectus operation.
Gokyigit B, Akar S, Kaynak P, et al.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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