The purpose of this study was to present the long-term outcome of IOLs in paediatric patients who received cataract surgery aged seven to <24 months. This was retrospective study with minimum follow-up of 12 months for 27 patients (28 eyes). Diagnosis was at a mean age of 13±5.6 months. Surgery with IOL implant was at a mean of 14.4±5.6 months and mean follow-up was 62.7±41.7 months. At final follow-up 25% (aged 32.3±10.3 months) had fixation and following visual acuity responses while the remaining patients (aged 92.4±38.9 months) had mean best corrected visual acuity of 1.02±0.72 logMAR. Intraoperative complications occurred in two eyes and adverse events in seven eyes: six visual axis opacification and one pupil block glaucoma which required surgery. Seven developed strabismus and required surgery. Ten patients developed stereopsis >800” which correlated with better visual acuity. All patients were patched for amblyopia. Poor compliance was noted for 18 patients. Those with good compliance were four times more likely to have better visual acuity. The authors suggest that IOL implants can be safe and effective in this age group. 

Long-term outcomes of primary intraocular lens implantation in patients aged 7-24 months.
Yeh AG, Kong L, Yen KG.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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