Four cases of intermittent exotropia are discussed. Case 1 was a nine-month-old with cycloplegic refraction of +1.0DS and a 30PD intermittent exotropia at near and distance. Discussions considered observation, part-time occlusion, refractive correction and later possibility of surgery. Case 2 was a three-year-old with intermittent exotropia of 20PD at near but constant at distance and with +1.25 retinoscopy. Discussions considered duration of exotropia, possible surgery, quick follow-up, observation and checks for presence of photophobia. The third case was a five-year-old with 20PD exotropia at near and distance. One eye closed at distance with a retinoscopy of +4.50DS. Discussions considered providing full or partial hyperopic glasses for better visual acuity which may improve control, possible surgery and risk of consecutive esotropia. The final case was a four-year-old with 20PD exotropia at near and 25PD at distance with -1.50DS refraction. Discussions considered giving full minus glasses and observation.

Eye to Eye: Evaluation and treatment of intermittent exotropia.
Panelists: Alley C, Deutsch JA, Gunton KB.
Moderator: Nelson LB.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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