Lissamine green (LG) concentration of 1% is clinically effective in the diagnosis of ocular surface disease. LG is now commercially available only in a form of dye-impregnated strips, whose concentration is insufficient. This study examined how to achieve 1% concentration of LG using commercially available strips. It showed that dipping one LG strip in one drop of various diluents achieved concentrations around 0.2%. Two methods giving rise to LG concentration of 1% are as follows: incubating two LG strips in 200µL (four drops) of preservative free artificial tears (PFAT) for five minutes or four LG strips in 200µL of PFAT for one minute. Cost analysis showed that the first method costs $0.67 (circa 44 pence) and the second $1.27 (circa 83 pence). Both identified methods are easy and cost-effective to perform in clinic to achieve desired concentration of LG.

Obtaining Lissamine green 1% solution for clinical use.
Stock M, Salvay D, Shoss B, et al.
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Magdalena Popiela

Royal Gwent Hospital, Cardiff, UK.

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