The purpose of this study was to compare macular thickness and volume in 15 highly myopic (>-6D) young children with 11 age-matched controls (-2 to +4D refractive errors) using Stratus third generation OCT. Mean spherical equivalent was -9.42 ±2.81D for subjects and +0.89 ±1.78D for controls. Mean axial length was 26.45 ±0.86mm for subjects and 22.05 ±1.09mm for controls. Mean foveal thickness was 189.13um (thicker) for subjects compared to controls (159.88um). Macular thickness in all four quadrants in inner and outer macular areas were significantly thinner with myopia and smaller macular volumes. The authors conclude that anatomic changes in the retina occur even in small children with myopia. This may impact on considerations of OCT data when myopia is associated with other ocular conditions. 

Macular thickness in highly myopic children aged 3-7 years.
Ziylan S, Kiziloglu OY, Yenerel NM, et al.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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