The Tromso Eye Study is a substudy of the Tromso Study; a population based longitudinal study based in Norway. The extensive 5869 participants had no diabetes and were aged between 30-87 years. Retinal images from both eyes were taken using the PRONM retinal camera and were graded using the Clinical Diabetic Retinopathy And Diabetic Macular Oedema Scale. Data was also collected on risk factors from self-reported questionnaires, clinical exams and case note review. Retinopathy was present in 15% of the participants and men had a higher prevalence than women (15.9% versus 14%). All severe cases (0.4%) of proliferative retinopathy were due to retinal vessel occlusion. The authors discuss which conditions were associated with each of the genders. In men, retinopathy was associated with hypertension and HbA1c. In women it was associated with age, log-transformed urinary albumin excretion and hypertension. The authors offer an in depth discussion into the associated risk factors and conclude there is a strong association between retinopathy and blood pressure.

Sex differences in risk factors for retinopathy in non-diabetic men and women: The Tromso Eye Study.
Bertelsen G, Peto T, Lindekleiv H, et al.
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Nana Theodorou

BMedSCi (Hons) PhD, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Clinical Research Office, 11 Broomfield Road, Sheffield, S10 2SE, UK.

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