In this article, the authors present results of eyelash transplantation with a strip composite eyebrow graft in 22 patients who underwent eyelid reconstruction with tarsoconjunctival flap procedure. The flap was divided at six weeks. The recipient pocket was created by dividing the anterior and posterior lamella of newly created eyelid. A narrow strip of eyebrow graft based on the hair growth orientation was harvested. The blade was tilted in precisely the same direction as that of the hairs to avoid transection of hair follicles. The graft was secured in the recipient pocket with 7-0 Vicryl sutures (Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson). The main outcome measures were eyelash orientation and eyelash follicles survival rate. At first postoperative day, a median of 23 (range 15-30), hair follicles were observed. At 12 months an average of 17 (range 15-24) survived suggesting the vast majority survived. There were no cases of graft ischaemia, necrosis or infection. No donor site complications were reported. The authors discuss that eyebrow hair preserves the parallel, tapering hair that is identical to the original eyelash hair.

Eyelash hair transplantation with strip composite eyebrow graft: an enhancing technique in tarsoconjunctival flap eyelid reconstruction procedure.
Nava-castaῆeda A, Tovilla-Canales JL, Solano-Leal P, Garnica-Hayashi L.
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Rina Bhatt

Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary, UK.

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