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This case-control study analysed the optic disc angioarchitecture in optic disc drusen (ODD) using computer-based fundus examination. A group of ODD patients were compared to a group of healthy controls with normal optic discs. The cohort included 30 healthy volunteers and 50 ODD patients with no complications apart from visual field defects. Compared with controls, the ODD group had a significantly more centralised central retinal artery (CRA) emergence (p<0.001) and primary CRA branching (p=0.008), a higher number of CRA bifurcations (p=0.02), a larger vertical optic disc diameter (p=0.02) and a smaller cup / disc ratio (p<0.001). The CRA emergence was largely within the nasal zone for both groups. In summary, the authors report that the distinctive angioarchitecture of the optic disc in ODD patients can contribute to understanding the pathogenic cause of ODD.

The angioarchitecture of the optic nerve head in patients with optic disc drusen.
Vahlgren J, Malmqvist L, Lybæk Rueløkke L, et al.
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Claire Howard

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford, UK.

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