Traditionally orthoptists are specialised in assessing ocular motor disorders. This article introduces the ocular motor score as a new clinical tool for screening and follow-up for children and young adults. The protocol consists of 15 tests such as stereoacuity, strabismus, convergence, saccades, etc that are scored with 0, 0.5 or 1. Forty children (aged 4-10 years) attending for routine clinical follow-ups took part to assess intra and inter rating agreement. One investigator completed all assessments and they were subsequently scored independently. Intrarater agreement was 88% with the lowest agreement seen for saccades and smooth pursuit. Inter-rater agreement was 80% with convergence and prism fusion test scoring lower. Scoring of ocular motor functions can be useful in monitoring follow-up measurements but it is unlikely that it will replace current practice.

Ocular Motor Score (OMS): a clinical tool to evaluating ocular motor functions in children.
Olsson M, Teär Fahnehjelm K, Rydberg A, et al.

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Nana Theodorou

BMedSCi (Hons) PhD, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Clinical Research Office, 11 Broomfield Road, Sheffield, S10 2SE, UK.

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