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A randomised study to evaluate the effects of 0.01% and 0.02% atropine eye drops (one drop once nightly to both eyes) on myopic progression, pupil diameter and accommodative amplitude in myopic patients. Four hundred myopic children were divided into three groups: 138 (0.02%), 142 (0.01%) and 120 (control group only wore single-vision (SV) glasses). After 12 months, the spherical equivalent refractive error (SER) change was -0.38D, -0.47D, -0.7D and axial length (AL) change was 0.3mm, 0.37mm and 0.46mm respectively (all p<0.001). 0.01% and 0.02% atropine have similar effects on pupil diameter and accommodation amplitude after 12 months treatment. The authors concluded that 0.02% had a better effect on myopic progression than 0.01% atropine. 

Effect of low-dose atropine on myopia progression, pupil diameter and accommodation amplitude: low dose atropine and myopia progression.
Fu A, Stapleton F, Li W, et al.
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Jonathan Chan

Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK.

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