The characteristics of dog bite induced lid trauma are described in a large cohort of paediatric patients and the success rate of early repair of lacerations involving the lacrimal system. This is a retrospective review of 438 patients: 73 with eyelid lacerations due to dog bite and 365 due to other causes (falls / collisions / assault) in a control group. Longer follow-up was required for dog bites and patients tended to be younger at presentation. The lacrimal system was involved in 26/73 dog bite cases and 13/365 of other cases. The inferior canaliculus was most commonly involved followed by the superior canaliculus for dog bites. Fourteen out of 26 cases required surgical repair: repair with monocanalicular silicone tube, eight with bicanalicular silicone tubes and one with 5-0 nylon suture used as a stent. In three cases, the lacrimal system could not be cannulated. Two developed pyogenic granuloma. Twenty-two patients had follow-up and four had persistent intermittent epiphora. Successful repair was achieved in 18/22 cases.

Eyelid lacerations due to dog bite in children.
Sadiq MA, Corkin F, Mantagos IS.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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