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This was a prospective study of 63 eyes of 63 patients undergoing corneal foreign body (FB) removal with a 27G needle at the slit-lamp; 96.8% of the patients were men with mean age 35.8 ±11.0 years. Regarding location of FBs, 26 (41.3%) were in the central region, 21 (33.3%) were in the paracentral region, and 16 (25.4%) were in peripheral cornea. The mean depth and width of the corneal wounds were 117.0 ±42.5µm and 332.9 ±99.4µm, respectively. The mean percentage of corneal wound depth was 18.9 ±6.1%. From follow-up based on 20 patients, the width of the wound increased and the thinnest stromal thickness at the wound site decreased over the two months. In conclusion, based on AS-OCT findings in this study corneal FBs generally affected the anterior central and paracentral cornea with less than approximately 0.2mm depth and 0.5mm width.

Evaluating depth and width of corneal wounds using anterior segment optical coherence tomography after foreign body removal.
Uyar E, Sarıbaş F.
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Su Young

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust, London, UK.

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