The authors report the screening process and recruitment figures for a randomised controlled trial comparing interventions for post stroke homonymous hemianopia. Interventions included Fresnel prisms, visual search training and standard care (information only). Primary outcome measure was the change in visual field assessment, from baseline to a 26 week follow-up. Secondary measures included change in quality of life questionnaires. The authors describe in detail the recruitment process including inclusion and exclusion criteria as well as methods of screening undertaken. In total, 1171 stroke patients were screened, with 178 eligible for recruitment. The most common ineligibility reason was recovery of the hemianopia. Of the eligible 178, only 87 were recruited and the reasons for patients not providing consent are detailed in the paper. The authors discuss difficulties experienced during recruitment and suggest changes to the eligibility criteria for future trials. Researchers undertaking research of a similar nature are directed to read these findings and suggestions prior to commencing further studies.

A randomised controlled trial of treatment for post-stroke homonymous hemianopia: screening and recruitment.
Rowe FJ, Conroy EJ, Barton PG, et al.
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Claire Howard

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford, UK.

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