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This study aimed to determine the prevalence of ocular disorders and pathologies in a sample of Down’s syndrome aged 10-30 years. This was a cross-sectional study in Iran of 226 participants aged 16.05 ±4.82 years. There were 118 males and 108 females. History of ocular surgery included 3.3% for cataract, 3.6% for strabismus, 3.8% for dacryocystorhinostomy and 0.9% for trauma. Prevalence of myopia, hypermetropia and pure astigmatism was 33.6%, 45.6% and 20.3% respectively. Strabismus was recorded in 23.4% with most being esotropia. Nystagmus was present in 11.7%. Conjunctival, lid and lacrimal problems were found in 0.4 to 20%, blepharitis in 81.9%, cornea and iris problems in 0.7 to 17.7% and lens problems in 2.9-37.8%. The results show a high prevalence of ocular disorders and refractive errors in Down’s syndrome, requiring eyecare. The findings will be used to inform screening and eyecare needs for this population in Iran. – FR

Ocular alignment, media and eyelid disorders in Down’s syndrome.
Makateb A, Hashemi H, Farahi A, et al.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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