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This retrospective observational study examined the longitudinal alterations in cup to disc ratio (CDR) among premature infants exhibiting enlarged CDR and normal intraocular pressure (IOP) up to two years. Among the 283 infants, 13.4% manifested an enlarged CDR. In this subgroup, baseline vertical CDR (vCDR) and IOP were 0.63 ±0.12 and 12.7 ±2.2mmHg, respectively. Notably, no statistically significant changes in vCDR were observed up to the age of two years. IOP at 40 weeks of gestational age and at one and two years exhibited a significant decrease compared to baseline. While vCDR displayed a negative correlation with gestational age and birth weight, these correlations failed to reach statistical significance. The study concludes that continuous monitoring is crucial until more advanced glaucoma examination modalities, such as optical coherence tomography and visual fields, become feasible for comprehensive evaluation.

Longitudinal change of cup to disc ratio in premature infants with enlarged cup to disc ratio and normal intraocular pressure.
Kim TH, Kwon YH, Kim MJ, Jin SW.
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Su Young

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust, London, UK.

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