This prospective study looks into the time duration of biomechanical stabilisation post uneventful cataract surgery in a case series of 62 consecutive eyes in patients with no ocular or systemic comorbidity. The patients were followed-up at fixed intervals of one day, one week, two weeks and four weeks after surgery. The parameters considered were – automated refraction, keratometry, ocular biometric readings and central corneal thickness. Each measurement was statistically analysed using the ANOVA and Duncan’s multiple range test. The results showed the automated refraction to stabilise in one week after surgery and had minimal change. The authors clearly accepted the use of auto refraction cf. subjective refraction to be a limitation of the study. All the other parameters were found to stabilise after two weeks as measurements compared after that time were not statistically significant. The other limitation highlighted was the use of an A-scan ultrasound biometry device to do IOL calculations against the high precision optical biometry device (IOLMASTER). This gives us an idea of the timescale patients should realistically wait before obtaining refractive correction to sharpen their vision post cataract surgery.

The stabilization time of ocular measurements after cataract surgery.
Caglar C, Batur M, Eser E, et al.
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Mrinal Rana

University Hospital Coventry, Coventry, UK.

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